Hailing from the cornfields of Indiana. Chantra graduated from Ball State University (Chirp Chirp) with a B.S in Dietetics. Working in the nutrition field throughout his undergrad, Chantra decided to pursue a passion project before continuing as a Dietician and decided to try personal training/coaching.

As a long time runner of over fifteen years, and avid fitness enthusiast and outdoorsman — Chantra wants to share his passion in overall fitness as well as health & wellness. Very community oriented and a natural extrovert at heart, he would love to continue working with the wonderful population of friends at H4-Training. Being in an environment of such motivated individuals creates an atmosphere of success and determination.

What is your favorite exercise? Hill Sprints

Least favorite? Hill Sprints

Favorite thing about H4? I genuinely feel I’m at the right place and at the right time. I’ve always been a huge health nerd and it’s honestly awesome to share conversations with so many kind folk at the gym. It’s nice to be able to relate to the people sharing a session with you and it’s so important to become involved in the goals of our wonderful friends around us. Most days don’t even feel like work with the time going by so fast.