5 tips to lose weight! | H4 Training

Nov185 tips to lose weight!




1. Stop eating when you are 2/3 full.-When you reach that almost full point stop eating and just rest. Most of the time we end up eating not because we are hungry but instead just to eat.


2. Take your time when you eat– Don’t just divulge your food but rather take your time and limit distractions. Take some time to enjoy your food and not just shove it down your face. When you take your time you will notice you eat less.


3. Carbs + protein + good fats- If you are going to eat carbs try and have them with at least with a protein source and good fat source. This is will keep your blood sugars balanced and optimize your  hormonal response.


4. Fill your plate about 3/4 the way full- Generally we tend to take way more food than we actually need. Fill your plate just 3/4 the way and then see how you feel after that instead of piling up the plate with food you most likely dont need.


5. Get small! As in use smaller bowls, spoons, plates etc- Simple, studies show the bigger the plate or bowl the more you will eat.