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Nov22Metabolic Resistance Training


At H4 the cornerstone of our fat loss programming is our metabolic resistance training. Our goal is to aim to work every muscle group from head to toe hard, frequent and with a high intensity to stimulate the metabolism and leaving it elevated for hours after exercise. This approach is not only more effective but makes the workouts more efficient as well. In my experience with clients this type of full body training done in superset, tri-set or circuit format ( alternating between non competing exercises ) in a rep range of generally 8-12 reps seems to produce the biggest bang for your buck in terms of stimulating the metabolism. By training the full body in one workout you will burn way more calories than the isolated muscle group approach which is better suited for bodybuilders.

Here are some examples ( these are not full workouts but just a sample of part of one )


A1) Deadlift 10 reps

A2) TRX Row 10 reps

3-4 sets

* You would do 4-5 different supersets to total 8-10 exercises for the workout



A1) Pushups 12 reps

A2) Goblet squat 12 reps

A3) Farmers carry

3-4 sets

* You would do 3-4 tri-sets in the workout for a total of 9-12 exercises


A1) One arm shoulder press 10 reps

A2) Glute thrusters  10 reps

A3) Lat pulldown 10 reps

A4) Step up 10 reps

A5) Ab ball rollout 10 reps

3-5 sets

* You would do another 5 exercise circuit for a total of 10 exercises in the workout