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Nov12Survivor circuit – Giant set for fat loss



Here at H4 we use a variety of super-sets, tri-sets, quad sets and giant sets in our routines for the goal of fat loss. This ” survivor circuit” type routine was developed in the 90s by Nebraska coach Mike Arthur. Ideal weights to use for each exercise is about 60% of your 1 rep max. Do about 3-4 rounds and take 2-5 minute rest between rounds depending on your fitness level. 


A1) Deadlift ( ideal is kettlebell or trap bar )- 10 reps

A2) TRX row with palms down ( or any row variation can work ) -10 reps

A3) Alternating dumbbell shoulder press-10 reps

A4) Ab rollout ( ab wheel or stability ball version depending on your level )-10 reps

A5) Goblet squat-10 reps

A6) Chin-up 10 reps

A7) Pushups- ( elevate feet is need be or add a weighted vest ) 10 reps

A8) Lateral step up-10 reps each

A9) Cable pulldown-10 reps

A10 ) Front plank-30 seconds  RKC style