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Jan2810 tips for building muscle fast & 10 tips for cutting body fat fast

Building Muscle Fast


1.  Use eccentric enhanced training. Meaning have some workouts in which you focus on counting slow negatives.

2. Thrash your muscles, eat, sleep, recover and repeat!

3. Eat enough protein

4. Never skip post workout nutrition

5. Have a higher calorie day every 5 or 7 days in which you eat up to 50% more calories then usual.

6. Work harder in your workouts!

7. Do drop sets

8. Train with moderate loads and moderate reps between 8-12

9. Train to failure sometimes.

10. Throw in some circuits in which you alternate agonist/antagonist exercises like bicep curls and dips. Take no rest between exercises and go for a set time goal.


Cutting Body Fat


1. Have more intensity in your workouts

2. Nutrition should be number one, two and three on your list of priorities when it comes to getting results.

3. Favor compound lifts like squats, deadlifts, presses and rows over curls and tricep extensions.

4. Keep rest periods short

5. Perform circuits alternating between upper/lower body exercises.

6. Be active as much as possible in every aspect of life. Move more!

7. Avoid alcohol, juice, soda, sports drinks and energy drinks

8. Drink more water

9. Get rid of sugars

10. Get sleep!