40 Tips to Lose Fat | H4 Training

Feb2440 Tips to Lose Fat



1. Drink tea-Those who drink tea have a lower BMI and body fat. Green tea has also been shown to increase metabolism.

2. Do intervals for cardio- Studies keep showing that short and intense bursts of cardio do more for you then steady state cardio.

3. Eliminate or decrease simple carbs in your diet-They will only help you gain fat and make it harder to lose it

4. Eat more protein- Protein fills you up and it takes more calories to digest and breakdown.

5. Do full body workouts- You will burn more calories

6. Keep a food log- It helps to really be able to see what you are and arent eating. Those that keep a journal have better results than those who dont.

7. Drink water-It fills you up. Sometimes when you feel hungry you are actually just dehydrated.

8. Stick to calorie free drinks- teas and water over sports drinks, energy drinks and pop.

9. Eat fiber- it fills you up.

10. Learn to cook- you control what goes into your body

11. Eat more in the earlier part of the day and less as the day moves on

12. Avoid alcohol- It is empty calories and increases your appetite.

13. Plan ahead- Both your workouts and eating.

14.  Think bags over boxes when choosing food at the grocery store

15.  Volumetric s- Eat foods low in calories and high in nutrients. Berries, veggies, soups and salads.

16. 80%- eat to your 80% full

17. Lift weights 2-3x a week

18. Cut rest periods between sets

19. Take the stairs

20. Eat breakfast- nothing fancy but just eat something protein focused.

21. Eat off smaller plates

22. Portion control- eat good and the right amount

23. Eat out less often

24. Dont skip meals

25. Eat slower- It takes 15-20 minutes for your body to sense its full.

26. Write down goals- having something down on paper makes it more powerful

27. Create a support system- Surround yourself with those who will be positive

28. Get plenty of sleep- This is when your body heals

29. Split meals when out to eat-portions are usually huge

30. Make one small change at a time- you will have a higher chance to succeed rather than attempting to do it all at once.

31. Focus on veggies and protein at each meal

32. Stress less- when you get stressed you release cortisol, and this hormone helps you hang onto body fat especially in the abdominal area.

33. Work hard but smart- manipulate sets, reps, weight and tempo

34. Realize it wont happen overnight and it takes some time- If it was easy everyone would be in great shape

35. Eliminate processed foods

36. Eliminate sugar and sweeteners

37. Try power walking on a steep incline to vary cardio

38. Get outside when you can and get your workouts in

39. Sprint!

40. Alternate between upper and lower body exercises- This makes workouts more efficient and more effective from a calorie burn standpoint.