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May126 Things People Do Wrong In The Gym


1. Doing endless amounts of steady state cardio for fat loss-Dont waste your time doing 45 min of mindless cardio on the eliptical day after day. Interval training is more bang for your buck!
2. Not doing enough resistance training-We all see that guy or girl who spends 90% of their workout doing cardio and then does 10 minutes of weight training to end their routine. If you want to change your body then lift!
3. Giving up on their program– Too often people quite their program within a couple of weeks because they dont see magical results. If it was that easy and took that little of time everyone would be a fitness model. Stay the course and have belief in the program your on!
4. Take too much time to workout– Everyone has a limited supply of time, we are all super busy these days and therefore need to make the most of our time. Keep your workouts short and simple…….under 45min is plenty. Hit it hard and dont waste your prescious gym time. If you get in and get out then you have more time for everything else.
5. No variation– When people get bored and their workout no longer is fun they burnout which equals failure. If your workout doesnt get you motivated or excited to do it then it is time for a CHANGE! Dont fall into doing what is comfortable….do what you need to!
6. People dont overload themselves-Simple basics when you talk about working out is the overload principle. Basically if you want change you must force your body into going beyond what you normally do. If you are pressing for 10 reps with a weight you can do for 15 then you are not overloading yourself. Get out of your comfort zone and results will come!