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Jun1110 Things Most People Need To Be Doing


1. More back work- A ratio of 2-1 of back to chest work is a good place to start. It’s amazing how some shoulder issues can be solved by just getting better balance between the chest and back muscles. Remember to do both vertical pulling moves like pullups and chinups as well as horizontal pulls like row variations. If you have access to TRX straps those work great as well to develop the lats, traps, rhomboids and help the rotator cuff.

2. Less chest/shoulder- As guys we love our bench press days but too often we over do it. It would do you good to cut down on the volume of work for the chest and shoulders and start doing more back work like stated above. If you notice you always have shoulder issues then this could be a clue you should do less press and more pull.

3. More posterior work for the legs- Give some more love to the hamstrings and glutes. We all love the mirror muscles but the backside of the body needs more development. If you are an athlete stronger hamstrings and glutes will equal more speed and explosiveness. For those of us general population lifters more posterior chain work means less back pain and knee injuries. Start doing more glute thrusters, deadlift variations and leg curls with valslides.

4. Eating less food, Eating less carbs and processed foods, Eating more veggies and protein-  seems simple but if most people did this they would look and feel better.

5. Heavy carries- Pickup dumbbells or better yet a pair of kettlebells. Stand tall, puff your chest up tall, squeeze your shoulder blades together and start to walk nice and slow planting the heel then the the rest of the foot squeezing the glutes with each step. Carries are great for the shoulders, core and hips. Add them at the end of your workouts.

6. Having more intense workouts, having more rest days- You will get better results by working out with more intensity. If you take up the intensity this will mean you will need more recovery. Better recovery, better workouts.

7.  Sprint ( if you can )- If you cant because of the joints or injuries you can use the Airdyne bike or any stationary bike to do intervals.

8. Make less excuses- We all have them…..it is just rather if we chose to use them. Let nothing stand in your way!!

9. Full body workouts- unless you have specific hypertrophy goals, using body part splits is not the best way to go. Stick to full body routines 3x a week and get more out of each workout and save time. Bang for your buck!

10.  Being more consistent- stick with it to get what you want