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Sep084 Keys to Success


1. Be Consistent- Get yourself in the gym and do some work. Consistency is one of the biggest keys to success and it is ironically what must people lack. Consistency allows you to build momentum and once the ball gets rolling you are on your way to achieving what you want. If you fall off the wagon don’t worry about it, pick it back up and start it up again. CONSISTENCY IS KING!

2. Surround yourself with the right people-If you are going to be successful you need only people who are going to be there for you during the journey. Boot the crabs and vampires who suck the life out of you and get around those who will only make you better. Finding a training partner like a spouse or friend works great or even hire a trainer. What matters is you get someone who has your best interest in mind.

3. Do everything with a purpose- When you eat, make sure you eat how you need to be and get rid of the garbage. When you workout, be intense and don’t waste your time. Everyday should serve its purpose in leading you to your goals.

4. Keep chopping- Unfortunate injury.. keep chopping, people trying to drag you down…keep chopping, you have a bad week at work….keep chopping! Don’t let anything slow you down!