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Oct30Solutions to your training problems

Crossing out problems and writing solutions on a blackboard.
Problem 1) You cant reach your fitness goals
Solution-I have three words for you-
ACCOUNTABILITY-You need to hold yourself accountable for your actions or lack of. If you cannot do this then you should either hire a great trainer or start working out with a partner or group.
COMMITMENT-You must commit to your goals from day one and let nothing or nobody stand in your way of succeeding.
CONSISTENCY-You will never achieve what you want if you are not consistent in your actions. Be consistently healthy and get your work in the gym and kitchen to reach those goals.
Problem 2) Trying to eat right is too hard and eventually you give into the cravings which ruin your gains.
Solution-Focus on eating right 90% of the time and splurge the other 10% During the week anytime you get a craving or really find yourself wanting to lose it simply write down the food and tell yourself that you can have it just not at the moment. When your cheat day comes go back to that piece of paper the food that you wrote down. This will not only keep you sane but will allow you stay committed to the healthy eating plan longer. Remember though you need to be spot on with your 6 days if your going to be allowed a day 7 cheat day.
Problem 3 ) The woman’s dreaded three- hips, butt and thighs. You cant seem to tighten, firm and cut fat from these areas.
Solution-Number 1,2 and 3 starts will simply eat better! If you dont eat right then you wont drop the body fat.  Next, make sure you get a nice blend of cardio and strength training. I like to say that the weights will shape and firm up the legs and the cardio will keep them thin and small. In terms of your strength training aim to do leg exercises at different angles in order to hit all aspects of the muscle.