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Nov128 Training and Nutrition Mistakes Women Make



1.  Not eating enough protein– Many women have no idea they are not getting enough protein. Protein consumption is important when it comes to fats loss. Protein satiates, preserves muscle, helps build muscle, and during digestion it’s more calorically expensive than carbs or fat. Protein has a higher thermic effect than the other two macronutrients. If eating meat does not appeal then think about adding protein shakes.

2. Adopting every diet on the planet- The women who always happen to be on “diets” always seem to be a little overweight. These are the women who get some results with one quick fix only to crash and burn shortly after before having to start another wacky diet. Focus on the basics and adopting a healthy lifestyle that will last a lifetime.

3. Having the mindset that cardio is the way to cut fat-Cardio is needed in any quality fat loss program but you can’t neglect weight training. The more muscle you have the higher the metabolism. When push comes to shove don’t leave out the strength training.

4. Eating fake health food-Fiber One bars, Kashi cereal, Slim Fast, 100 calorie snack packs and other so called health foods just don’t cut it. These products are often loaded with sugars and other junk ingredients. Because marketers make these foods seem ” better” they often get consumed with more frequency. Start eating real food like veggies, fruits and nuts.

5. Following celebrity workout and diet advice– Just because JLO can do it does not mean you can nor is it right for you. Remember, most of the time celebrities have private chefs and endless time they can put towards training. In most cases these celebrities are genetically blessed and anything they do will make them look good. Do what works for you and not for someone else celebrity or not.

6.  Doing endless kickbacks, curls and leg lifts- These exercises do have their place but should not be the focal point of a quality program especially for fat loss. The emphasis needs to be on compound moves like squats, lunges, deadlifts, pullups and pushups. When it comes to lifting you want the most bang for your buck exercises. The skinny model in the magazine is already skinny, not skinny because of the 5lb dumbbell kickbacks she is demonstrating.

7. Worrying about what the scale says- When it comes down to it nobody other than yourself cares what you weigh. I think women let the scale define them and their fitness. At the end of the day it should be about how you look and feel. If clothes fit better and you look better than the scale does not matter because it is only a number.

8. Believing in spot reduction-You simply can’t spot reduce. When you workout your body does not pick what area of the body to burn fat and get lean. While in theory that would be amazing it just doesn’t happen. If you want to get rid of fat in certain areas you need to focus on burning the most calories in your workouts and eating clean.