3 common mistakes people make with their fitness | H4 Training

Apr023 common mistakes people make with their fitness


The following are mistakes most people make regarding their workouts and nutrition. If you can fix these you can speed up your results.

  1. Thinking more is better-Never taking days off and working out longer and longer does not always equal better results. Usually less is more. Your body needs time to recover for those results to happen. Pull back and give yourself a day or two off. If you really can’t do that then add in some active recovery like yoga or stretching or light walking on those days.
  2. Not making nutrition a big enough priority-While yes everyone knows how important nutrition is very few people actually emphasize it. Before you worry about your workout program you should make sure your nutrition is on point. Failure to eat right will decrease the chances of you actually maximizing your workouts.
  3. Having zero consistency-Consistency is KING! Clients who see the best results are the ones that are consistent in everything they do. They eat consistently very good. They workout consistently. You keep consistency even when you want to change. Sometimes clients don’t see early success and then want to jump ship and do something new. You must give your program at least 90 days before deciding it is a success or failure.