6 Reasons to hire a personal trainer | H4 Training

Jul166 Reasons to hire a personal trainer

1.You are not seeing results-You have been working out for some time and are not losing body fat or reaching your goals, then hiring a coach would be a good idea. A quality coach will make sure you are doing the best possible routine and program in order for you to start seeing the results you want.

2. You have no idea where to start-Beginning an exercise routine can be very intimidating and often lead to you not starting at all. If you are just not sure what the first step should be then a quality coach will help you start at the most appropriate level for your abilities. Why try to stress out on what and how to do it when you can hire a professional who can do it all for you.

3. You’re bored-Are you still doing the same workout you did as a high school football player back 20 years ago? Your body changes and so should you. Doing the same routine over and over will lead to stagnant progress. A coach can introduce you to new exercises and pieces of equipment and teach you the correct way to perform them.

4.You need accountability & motivation-Do you have those days when you simply don’t want to workout and end up skipping your routine? Well if you had a coach you would have that person waiting for you and your appointment. Accountability is vital for success. Do you stop when your workout gets hard or when you have just a few reps left? A coach will help you push through those challenging parts of your workout.

5. You have a specific injury, medical condition or illness-If you have some specific injury or condition, your doctor may want you to exercise. But how do you do that if you’re in pain or have to work around an injury? This is where an experienced coach can help.

6. You are training for a specific sport or event-No matter if you’re a golfer, runner or into cycling, there’s likely a trainer out there who can help you up your game. Having the right program can improve performance and help avoid injury.