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Aug13Tips/Strategies From H4 Coaches-Josh & Kelsey

Josh’s Tips/Strategies 

  • I am a big believer, at least when working out by myself to incorporate full body circuits as opposed to working specific muscles each day. For example, I like to do 4 circuits of 3 exercises for 3-4 rounds each having an upper/lower/core exercise involved. I think this format helps you get a better workout overall in plus it naturally helps your cardio doing exercises back to back to back instead of having multiple resting periods.


  • I try and have multiple 16oz water bottles with me throughout the day so I know how many I’ve had.. plus every one I finish serves as a motivator to drink the next. It’s almost like a game I play with myself every day to help me drink the right amount of water!!


  • As far as eating, I am a big believer in the 5-6 smaller meals a day as opposed to 3 larger meals. I know there isn’t that much evidence on which is better but I like the smaller meals because it makes me feel fuller throughout the day, seems to give me more energy, and in relation, I like to think I eat less each day using this strategy.


  • When working out, I try and talk to myself when the going gets tough. There are always those moments when you think you are tired and need a break. For me, those are the moments to really push your pace and try and knock out a few more reps. Those situations don’t come by that often so when they do I really try to push myself to another level in order to maximize results. It’s all about believing in yourself and using your mind to overcome what you think is muscle tiredness (turning it into a proper motivator).


Kelsey’s Tips/Strategies


  • Form on an exercise matters way more than the amount of weight that’s lifted. I’d rather have great form and be able to move longer than have bad form and get injured.


  • Don’t like to drink water throughout the day? Try something different like getting a well insulated water bottle and stocking it with ice cubes. Maybe you just don’t like water because it gets warm too fast. You can also add fresh fruit and let it diffuse into the water to give you a naturally enhanced water.


  • Don’t like green vegetables? Try sneaking them into things like smoothies, sauces that you cook at home, finely dice them up and put them in with your meat dishes. This way you can still eat your greens without the taste of them.


  • If you’re always on the go and find yourself never having time to eat, then try to make to-go options. Things like protein balls that can be pre-made and stocked in ziplock bags. Keep smoothies in a blender bottle so you can shake them up and keep drinking them. Make your own trail mix, etc. These are all great options that you can make ahead of time, grab from the fridge, and head out the door.