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Nov134 Random Tips!



  • Drink more water and eat more fiber for fat loss especially before you eat your main meals.


  • You must put your goals on paper for them to happen, make sure you put down specific goals and everyday do something to get you closer to achieving those goals.


  • ┬áMost of us don’t move laterally nearly enough. Make sure in your workouts you are strengthening the hips, especially those abductors. If you are a serious runner you definitely fall into this category. Put some lateral band walks, lateral lunges and squats into your program. If your cardio tends to be just pure running start doing lateral shuffles or play sports such as tennis.


  • The body gets used to the reps and tempo faster than it does to the exercises. This means before you go to change your exercises all the time stop and focus more on how fast or slow you lift the weight and the reps used.