5 Fat Loss Training Mistakes to Avoid | H4 Training

Jan285 Fat Loss Training Mistakes to Avoid

1.You train like a bodybuilder- This tends to be more of an issue for men than women. If your goal is strictly to gain large amounts of muscle then this is the way to go. However, if fat loss is the main goal there are other ways to go about it.

The main problem with training this way is that it doesn’t fit well into most peoples schedules. We all have extremely busy lives with jobs and families. Do you really have the time to dedicate to training that a professional bodybuilder (whose job is usually his training) would have? I highly doubt it. In our experience at H4 Training(currently working with well over 200 clients multiple times per week), full body weight training routines done two to three times a week based will work better in terms of fat loss training.

2. You think more is better-Yes it is important to train hard but you also don’t want to do it to the point that you run yourself down. The real results come outside of the gym when you are recovering. If you feel like you must do something then do a light active rest activity like yoga.

3. You are doing too many single joint exercises– No, doing curls and tricep extensions are not horrible. But if you focus your training on heavy, multi-joint (compound) exercises such as squats, deadlifts, various presses, push ups, rows, chins/pull-ups, etc., you will train much greater amounts of muscle overall, and this will lead to more calories burned during and after your workouts. As a general rule, the more muscle involved in an exercise the better.

4. You neglect training your legs-Training your legs is hard. It hurts. It takes a ton out of you. But that is exactly why it is important for fat loss. When you do a deadlift you are not just using your legs. You are using your lats, back, core and much more. The more muscles you hit the more calories you burn remember. If you come to H4 Training you will see our clients doing lunges, glute bridges, squats, deadlifts and more.

5. You take too much time between sets-You all know the scene-someone does one set of pushups then starts texting or talking to their friends before doing another set 5 minutes later. Research and practical experience has shown us that shorter rest periods lead to maximal metabolic disturbance. It also allows us to increase overall caloric burn and get more done in a shorter period of time. You want to try and still use good loads in regards of weight and keep those short rest periods. You can do this by pairing upper and lower body movements like below.

A1) Row 8-12 reps

A2) Lunges 8-12 reps

*** 3-4 sets of each with 0-30 sec rest between sets