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Jan25The #1 Diet Mistake Women Make

The answer……………..

They look for the quick fix instead of sustainability.

Generally women will look to the latest trend when it comes to nutrition and diet. It’s either that or they start doing the funky diet their friend who just dropped 20 pounds is doing.

But how sustainable is a juice-fast diet, or the South Beach, or the all smoothie diet? You’re at best just going to only last a week or so at most! Then before long you are back to the same old habits.

Or they will totally remove ALL carbs from their diet only to find themselves crashing and binging on everything from bread to pretzels.

Sound familiar?

This is because the body craves the safety of familiarity. Change is tough for anyone – especially when you are throwing a ton of changes at yourself. So what happens is you end up just quitting and start back to square one.

What should you do instead?

Make small changes that are more sustainable. We instruct clients to adopt the one step process. Write down 4-5 obstacles from a nutrition standpoint that ruin your results. For example, you don’t eat breakfast, you drink 3 cans of Coke a day etc. Then rank your list from easiest to hardest for you to change. So if it is going to be hard to cut out your Coke consumption then put that at the bottom of your list. Now attack your list starting with number 1. Only focus on making that one small change. Once you have made that change then move onto number 2 on your list and so on. Before you know it you will have made multiple changes.