15 Ways To Exercise Without Exercising | H4 Training

Mar2615 Ways To Exercise Without Exercising

1) Hiking, especially with friends or your spouse-A great way to explore and burn calories.

2) Walking – Even a 15-minute brisk walk is enough time to get close to a mile walked. Do you have a 30-minute meeting at work? Have a walking meeting instead. Steve Jobs was known for doing this.

3) Rock Climbing – It’s one of the best arm/back/forearm workouts and you get to feel the sense of accomplishment when you reach the top of the wall! Plus most places you go to climb have varying levels of difficulty so you can climb at your own level.

4) Dancing –  You’d be surprised what you can sign up for and what will elevate your heart rate. This can be a great date night option or a night out with friends for the ladies.

5) Roughhousing with your kids-
Playing around in the yard or house does’t matter. It will keep you feeling young and burn some calories. Anytime you have to keep up with little ones you will break a sweat!

6) Martial arts –Look into making it a hobby or take some classes.

7) Consider a standing desk-Ask your boss!

8) Clean – Ugh, nobody likes to clean the house/apartment. It’s for sure not my favorite. Throw on some tunes and get to it!\

9) Bike to work – You get from Point A to Point B, you save money on gas, and you get a workout. 

10) Park at the far end of the parking lot – Every step counts.

11) Take the stairs-see above

12) Build stuff. Whether you’re building a fort with your kid in the backyard, or trying to figure out why you have 5 extra screws in that IKEA dresser you’re putting together, building stuff involves lots of moving and bending and picking up and maneuvering.

13) Literally fidget more! You can burn extra calories!

14) Play a childhood game – What games did you play as a child? Capture the flag? Kick the can? Simple tag? Get a few friends together and give it a try – it will be the most fun you’ve had in a while

15) Play a musical instrument – Did you know playing musical instruments can burn a boat load of calories too?