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May078 Tips For Moms To Fit In Exercise

With Mother’s Day around the corner what better topic to discuss then moms and their health and fitness! We know it can be a difficult task for moms to get that calorie burn in weekly with all the responsibilities they have. Below are 8 quick tips to help you fit in exercise.

1. Do it First!

Work out before the chaos of the day can get to you. If you wait until the day gets rolling you will have to overcome more and more obstacles. I know it might not be ideal but working out before 6 am will help keep you on track and from missing!

2. Schedule it!

If you have an appointment on your calendar, chances are you show up. Schedule it as part of your day and make it non-negotiable. If you work think of it as another important meeting you can’t miss.

3. Have a workout plan!

No matter what the plan is make sure you have one. If you want to succeed and actually get results you will need a quality workout routine. There are a ton of options out there from at home videos to hiring a trainer.

4. Let your kids participate!

It might be hard to find true alone time often as a mother. If that is the case then include your kids on your workout. Kids instinctively love to move. Resistance bands are fun to use as are Bosu balls. As your children grow older, workouts can be bonding time. Plus it sets a great example for them.

5. Run!

If you are noticing those kids waking up earlier and earlier then take them with you. Put them in the jogging stroller and take them.

6. Build a support crew

As a busy mom you are not alone. Find others to help create a support system. It really helps to have others hold you accountable.

7. Use what you can!

Sometimes you won’t be able to make it to the gym. For those instances, use whatever you have at your disposal. This might be stairs, a chair or a backpack. Use what you can and put in the work. If you think you need fancy equipment then you are wrong.

8. Don’t beat yourself up!

Life happens. There will be sick days, major struggles and blowups. Sometimes you mean to get an hour workout but you can only do 20 minutes. Just understand that is totally fine. Don’t compare yourself to other moms. Do your best for you.