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Mar223 Food Habits That Are Killing Your Fat Loss Goals

Fat loss is a sought-after goal by many people in fitness. Whether the goal is to lose 5 or 50 pounds, it’s always a challenge to zap those extra LBs.

It doesn’t help that certain habits that you would think aid you actually hinder your goals. We’ll go over 3 simple habits that are probably hindering your fat loss goals, and what you should focus on instead.

Habit 1: Too Restrictive

Sometimes when trying to lose weight, we get a bit overzealous. Many people try to limit their food intake, which makes sense in a way. But we often try to restrict foods too much, which can cause us to rebound.

An example of this would be extremely limiting calorie intake. When trying to lose fat, cutting calories is something you want to do, but limiting your energy intake too much can have serious consequences. It can be harder to lose weight, and creates an unsustainable eating habit.

Instead of restricting yourself to a very limited amount of foods, try switching out certain food habits that are easier to maintain.

Better Options:

  • replacing the sugar and calorie-loaded morning coffee for something simpler and less calorie-dense.
  • taking the time to plan your daily meals, or at least 1-2 meals per day.

Habit 2: Using Short-term Strategies

When it comes to fat loss that sticks, using short-term strategies is only for that: the short-term! Being too restrictive is an example of this, but so is using supplements for weight loss, following fad diets, etc. If you want long-term results, stick to habit changes that will last you a lifetime.

Many short-term strategies include:

  • dropping calories too fast or too much.
  • trying certain diet fads.
  • using supplements to lose weight.

Long-term strategies:

  • making healthier food choices in your diet for long-term results.
  • exercising on a regular basis, prioritizing sleep.

Habit 3: Giving Up When Things Go Wrong

Sometimes it’s hard to eat “clean” all the time. Family party? Social outing with significant other? Don’t look at these situations as mistakes or mess-ups, which can cause you to give up on your goals. It’s easy to think that we messed up our diets, so we might as well give in and splurge on food.

It’s important not to guilt-trip yourself into thinking that one or two meals is going to mess up your diet. As long as the bulk of your diet consists of minimally processed, whole foods, then in the long run you will see better results that will stick.

The Most Important Thing is To Stay Consistent

Above all else, the most important habit is to stay consistent. Eat whole foods, enjoy guilty pleasures every now and then, and keep moving forward with your goals! The most successful eating habits are ones that let you enjoy food, give you nutritious benefits, and allow you to keep up those habits long-term.