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Apr26Why Full Body Workouts Are Better For Fat Loss

Fat loss is often the most sought-after goal in fitness. It’s also one of the hardest things to lose.

While exercising alone won’t achieve the best results – it comes from a combination of diet and exercise – there are tons of different types of workouts that claim to be best for fat loss, but what is true? The truth is surprisingly simple: full body workouts.

We at H4 like full body training the best for a couple of reasons, which we’ll go over below.

Full Body Training Burns More Calories

One of the simplest reasons that full body training is best for fat loss is because it burns the most amount of calories that most workouts.

Think about this: in a full body training session, you perform carefully selected exercises that are the most bang-for-your-buck. These exercises are big, compound movements, meaning that they are multi-joint movements that work multiple muscle groups together at the same time. These big movements are energy expensive, which allows you to burn more calories in the workout.

Also, doing this type of training will allow for a higher post-workout caloric burn throughout the day.

This Type of Training Allow For Better Recovery, Which Means Better Fat Loss

With many ‘split’ type workouts, while they do allow for some recovery for muscle groups, it’s suboptimal recovery.

Full body training focuses on working everything in one session, and usually allows 1-2 days in-between sessions for recovery. While you might only be working out 3 times a week, you get more frequency for these big energy intensive sessions, which means more caloric burn.

Also, you get more stimulation for the muscles from the higher frequency of exercises that stimulate multiple muscle groups. So full body training allows for both better recovery and higher frequency, which in turn allows you to keep training and making progress towards fat loss goals.

Do More Full Body Training!

For optimal health, better results, and just more free time, opt for full body workouts. You won’t regret it!