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May10When is The Best Time to Train? Here’s Our Advice

When is the best time to train? This question is one that is asked often in the fitness circle. Morning? Midday? Evening? 24 hours a day?

So, the best time to train is….well, it depends.

The truth is, the best time for each individual is the time that is best for them. Maybe you truly only have free time after 5 pm, and that’s ok. Or maybe you only really have time first thing in the morning. There are pros to exercising at any time, and it’s better to workout than doing nothing at all.

Below are some benefits to training at different times throughout the day.

Training earlier sets the rest of your day up for success.

Training first thing in the morning can give you a sense of accomplishment and set your day up for success. Think about it this way: You get your workout done in AM, and now that’s one goal tacked off your list for the day. This is crucial for goal setting, as accomplishing easy wins is a sure-fire way to hit your goals throughout the day.

It’s like a snowball effect; each goal that you accomplish compounds, and helps build your confidence. So getting an early workout first thing sets you up on the right path for day. You’ll feel better about yourself and might be more inclined to make healthier eating choices throughout the day!

Early workouts help you sleep better.

Training earlier in the day can help you sleep better at night. This might not be true for everyone, but for the majority of people working out at night tends to keep you up longer. One of the biggest reasons is that a tough training session will stimulate your nervous system which can keep you up and on.

Now the caveat is that it doesn’t seem true for everyone, and even if you do workout later in the day it can still help you sleep better. Just try to avoid working out an hour before bed. If we had to pick a time to train for better sleep though, we would pick an earlier session.

Training after a long work day can help ease stress.

If you train after a long, hard day at work, it can help you destress. Many people tend to work sedentary jobs these days, and sitting all day looking at a screen can do some damage to your body.

Getting in a good training session after work can help mobilize stiff joints and get some much needed work to areas like the hips, low back, and shoulder areas that suffer from prolonged sitting.

Training in the afternoon or evening can still help you sleep better.

Like we said above, as long as you don’t workout right before bed, exercising can still be a great sleep aid, regardless of the time of day performed. Try to get a session at least 3-4 hours before bed, so that way you have time to wind down and relax.

Pick the time of day that works best for you.

Whether you are an early bird or night owl, just make sure to pick the time of day that works best with your schedule, and allows you to consistently train on a regular basis.