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Oct18Have Trouble Working Out At Home? Try These Tips

During the initial wave of the pandemic, gyms and training studios across the country closed, and people who wanted to continue training had to do so at home. For many, it was extremely difficult; they either lacked equipment or motivation, or both. After re-opening, many clients told us the biggest reason why training at the gym with us helped was because they just can’t bring themselves to exercise on their own at home.

Anytime they tried, they would get distracted by their surroundings, or it just didn’t feel the same as being in a gym where the sole purpose is to “workout”. So how can you make working out at home successful? We have some interesting hacks.

Set Up Surroundings For Success

The easiest way to set up successful home workouts is to set up your surroundings properly. It can be hard working out in the middle of a living room, but much easier in a garage gym.

Not everyone has access to a garage or basement gym, so they have to make best with what they have. You can however set up your personal workout space. Even if it only takes up a small corner in the living room or basement, having a personal workout space can help set the “tone” for training. You’ll have an easier time adhering to a workout plan with a strict small gym space.

It’s just like when you work from home; some might be able to lounge on the sofa with a laptop, but most would do best with a dedicated work station – hence the work desk. Same goes for your at-home workouts. It doesn’t matter which room it’s in or how big it is, as long as it’s your “sacred workout space”. It could be a mat with a few dumbbells or a spare room.

Pro Tip: Use a Wall Divider in Smaller Areas

One thing you can do if you can’t really separate the living areas from the workout area is use a wall divider around your training station. This way you can visually block out distractions from your workouts.

Pro Tip: Invest in Some Equipment

This might sound counterintuitive, but if you buy more than just some bands and a mat you will probably be more invested in using them. You don’t have to over-spend, but getting a few kettlebells and smaller items can create a larger looking workout area, thus being a larger visual reminder to workout.

Pro Tip: Don’t Workout Near TV

A way to avoid distractions is by simply working out in a different room away from them! Don’t train in/near your living room or where the TV is, as you might be inclined to watch your favorite show and get distracted. Try to have your exercise sessions in a spare room, the basement, garage, etc. You could even take it outside!

Hopefully these small tips will help you with your at-home workouts. While training at the gym is great, getting some extra credit at home can put you on track to reach your health & fitness goals much faster!