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Nov16Easy Alternatives For Common Junk Foods

The most difficult part about adopting a better diet is decreasing the amount of junk foods you eat. From candy bars and ice cream to sugary delights and crunchy snacks, it can be hard to give up or drastically change certain things.

In this short list, we’ll put out several common comfort foods that aren’t that great for you, and their substitutions . Read on!

Common Food: Candy Bars

Candy bars (and hard candies) are full of sugar and calories. There’s hardly any nutritional value in these foods, even though they are very tasty. What is a good alternative?

Alternative: Protein Bar (or any minimal ingredient bars)

Good substitutes would be minimally processed protein bars; RX bars, Larabars, or any minimal ingredient bar. These bars usually are made of dates, eggs, nuts, and a flavoring like cacao. They usually have more protein and digest better.

Common Food: Ice cream

Ice cream is an awesome comfort food to eat while binging your favorite show or movie, but we can often get carried away by how much we eat. What are some better alternatives?

Alternative: Homemade Frozen Fruit “Ice Cream”

This one is easy to make! All you have to do if first freeze some fruit. You can either freeze fresh fruit or buy pre-frozen fruit. Blend it lightly with some ice and voila, ice cream! You can of course add to this: add some milk for a more milk-like consistency, nut butter, and maybe your protein powder of choice. It might come out like a smoothie, so if it’s ice cream you’re after, just put it back in the freezer for a few hours until it’s consistency is more like ice cream.

Common Food: Cereal

There are some healthier cereals out there – and many have extra vitamins and minerals added – but most are just glorified breakfast-desserts. Why not just make your own homemade super breakfast bowl?

Alternative: Oatmeal Super Bowl

This is so easy to make, very delicious (it’s like eating dessert), and nutritious! There’s also pretty much an unlimited number of options. Just whip up some old-fashioned or steel cut oatmeal over a pot, and from there mix and match ingredients. An easy one is bananas, peanut butter, chocolate protein powder, and chia seeds. You can easily change out the flavor of protein powder, add a different fruit, and switch out peanut butter for walnuts.

Common Food: Chips

Chips are very much a comfort food. Crunchy and salty, these snacks fulfill a craving. What are some decent healthier options?

Alternative: Crunchy Veggies/Fruits, Health-Conscious Bagged Snacks

If it’s a crunch you’re after, foods like carrots, apples, cucumbers can be satiating. You can add some light sea salt on the cucumbers or add peanut butter to apples or humus to carrots if you want an extra flavor. If you want something resembling chips, try making some popcorn (sans butter and salt – or add your own salt/light butter). You could also air fry some kale with light sea salt for a light crunch and salty flavor without the guilt, or even make you own potato chips! Instead of deep frying, try air frying if you have one. You can shave or slice potatoes thin and add a light coat of extra-virgin olive oil or avocado oil, some salt, and air fry them away.

Use these ideas the next time you crave a snack, or simply as snacks throughout the day. Check out the rest of the blog for other tips on nutrition, fitness, and mindset!