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May163 Benefits of Hiring a Fitness Coach

When starting a fitness journey, it can be difficult to navigate all the information that is out there and to handle the questions that you’ll inevitably have. How many times a week should you exercise? Which exercises? What should I eat before/after training? Am I doing this right? Why does this movement hurt? When you run into roadblocks such as these, it’s best to have the help of a fitness professional in your corner.

Benefits of Having a Coach

There are multiple benefits of having a coach in your corner. Sure, you could sift through all the information that’s out there and find the best path forward for you, or you can work with a professional that can help you reach your goals much faster.

Benefit 1:  They Can Gauge & Adjust Workouts

When dealing with an injury or pain, it can be hard to continue your training program. Most people don’t know which exercises to perform when dealing with this issue, but a coach or trainer can help. They can make adjustments to workouts for knee/low back/shoulder-friendly movements. If you’re dealing with a lot of stress or fatigue and truly don’t have it in you to train with a high intensity, a trainer can adjust the difficulty of a workout. All this helps keep you consistent with your training, so you get closer to your goals.

Benefit 2: They Keep You Consistent & Accountable

Like we said above, trainers and coaches help keep you consistent. Not only can they adjust your workouts but keeping a schedule with them makes you more likely to do the actual workouts vs going at it on your own. Knowing that someone is awaiting your arrival makes you less likely to cancel said appointment.

Benefit 3: Routine is Guided by a Professional

You won’t have to sift through endless amounts of information on the internet. You won’t have to create your own balanced workouts. You just show up and put in the work! A coach can also help you with other healthy living lifestyle choices as well, if they’re trained to do so.

Closing Thoughts

Having a coach or trainer can really help you in your fitness journey. Sometimes it’s hard to look past the price tag, but it’s about the value of what you’re getting for it. Think about this:

  • hiring a good trainer will cost you $300-500 monthly to get in shape and make your life better
  • Or, stay out of shape, and you get paid $300-500 monthly to continue being unhealthy.

Which one would you choose?