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Aug155 Truths About Losing Body Fat

Losing body fat can be an uphill battle. There is so much information out there that finding the right path can be confusing; what workouts to do or what foods to eat. But there are some basic truths that come with losing body fat, which can make the whole process more simplified.

Truth 1: Progress Won’t Happen Weekly

The first thing you need to understand: progress is not linear. Even with the perfect plan, it’s difficult to make constant progress. Weight will fluctuate daily, and the scale will show a different number all the time. This can be demotivating at times, but it’s important to know that this is normal. This is about long-term success, so make sure that even if the scale goes up or down, you stick to your plan and keep pushing through.

Truth 2: Lifestyle Habit Changes are Necessary

In order for this to work, daily lifestyle habits are going to have to change. It’s as the saying goes – If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you keep getting what you’ve always gotten. You can’t keep doing the same habits, eating the same foods, or keeping the same mindset as you always have. It requires some big changes that may seem hard at first, but they will open up many doors for you down the line.

Truth 3: Lifting Weights Will Help You Reach Your Goals Faster

You may already know this, but lifting weights is amazing for you. It will help you in pretty much every facet of your life. You’ll get stronger, leaner, more attractive, more confident. Lifting will help burn fat in the best way possible, while building and preserving muscle tissue. If your main goal is fat loss, you NEED to be lifting.

Truth 4: You Can Still Enjoy a Treat (and Life)

You may think that you have to live a drab and boring life if you want to be healthy, right? No! You can still go out, enjoy good food, and treat yourself. Life doesn’t have to be gym, chicken, and broccoli 24/7. It’s all about moderation. Instead of 8 drinks, have 2. Instead of 5 donuts, have 1. It’s often not the food or drink that you really want anyway; it’s the experience of being social or being with good people that really matters anyway.

Truth 5: You Will Still Have to Work Hard

One final reminder: this is still hard work. Even though you can enjoy your life and treat yourself now and then, any physical goal like losing weight is still a challenge, no matter how streamlined. It will still require discipline and dedication, but if you have a plan of attack (and hopefully the help of a coach) it becomes much easier to reach your goals.

Hopefully these tips and reminders give you a boost and motivate you to stay on track towards your fat loss goals!