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Oct06Small Group Fitness Training: Fitness of The Future

There are many different types of fitness training styles out there; from Zumba to CrossFit, to everything in between, the options seem endless. But the majority fall into three different types of formats:

  • personal training
  • large group fitness training
  • small group fitness training

While the first two definitely serve their purpose and fill a niche, small group training is the fitness mode of the future. We don’t just believe that because that’s our specialty – although it is our bread and butter – we believe it because that is the trend that is at the forefront of the industry and it allows for the greatest change to happen for clients.

The Big Benefits of Small Group Fitness Training

There are many benefits to any type of training model, but small-group fitness works really well, for the client and the coach.

It builds consistency through camaraderie.

One of the best things besides the workouts we do in our small group training sessions is the community that is built within them.

You connect with people and build friendships through the hardship of the workout. You not only have the coach motivating you but other clients as well. Friendly competition or just seeing others work just as hard as you can be inspiring, especially knowing that you all are here for different goals but with one theme in mind: improvement.

Plus when you have such an awesome fitness community, there are always fun events going on! Here at H4, we have holiday parties, gym battles, crush the coach (where clients get to train the trainers), and much more. We always have a ton of fun with our community.

The coach can help more people at the same time, but also keep it personalized.

Small group coaching is like the goldilocks zone: not too isolating like personal training, but not too big like large group training. Take for example H4 Training, where we coach sessions of 4-8 people. for every 4 clients, we have 1 coach. That is, for us at least, the perfect ratio of client to coach. It allows the coach to give each person adequate attention and gives us the opportunity to help more clients at the same time.

Extra benefit: it’s more affordable.

Another benefit is that small-group coaching is much more affordable than one-on-one training. Whereas personal training can run anywhere between $70-100+ each session, small-group training makes much less of a dent in wallets.

Small Group Training is The Goldilock Zone of Fitness Training

For the reasons stated above, small group training makes so much sense for clients and trainers. The community and connections that are built, the individualized nature of the training while still being a small group, and the added benefit of being more financially affordable make small-group fitness training the king of fitness training options. As more and more gyms adopt this mindset and training style, this will only become more clear.

Small group coaching is a big part of our success here at H4. Clients love the community and the detailed attention of the trainers. We believe –  and have seen – that this type of training is the best way we can serve our clients and their goals.