Antoan | H4 Training


Growing up I never had a huge passion for sports or the gym,I always did something but nothing kept me switched on for long as I couldn’t find happiness in doing it. I moved to the US in 2021 and I started weightlifting because I needed to do so to prepare for a fitness camp but quickly realized I need something to latch onto to keep myself motivated. I was also very intimidated by the gym setting. What I found was that progress and talking to others helped me massively. Talking about how and why things are done,learning and bettering myself everyday. My progress was great to see but as I got share knowledge with others,i felt fulfilled and I felt like this is what I need to be doing. I got my NASM certification not too long after and I stumbled upon H4,which is the exact environment I always wanted to be a part of.

Fave exercise: Tricep pushdowns
Least favorite: squat

Fave part about H4: that it’s a community that encourages inclusivity and supports its members in all the ways possible. Seeing and hearing my advice help is like nothing else.