Gabe | H4 Training


Throughout high school I played some sports like boxing and tennis, but nothing really stuck; I tried to be healthier but lacked commitment. After high school, I started college with the intention of studying Criminal Justice. At the time I was pretty out of shape, and I decided to take up some weight training to get fit (to chase down the bad guys of course). Soon after, I fell in love with fitness. I decided to switch my career track to a fitness professional, and got certified a few years later. I loved that I could challenge myself and become a better me in the process!

My personal philosophy is that fitness is a catalyst for other improvements in one’s life; a stronger body will create a stronger mind, and in turn will allow you to lead a great life where any obstacle only becomes a chance to improve.

Favorite Exercise: That’s a tough one, it changes all the time! Right now I’d say I really love hill sprints.

Least Favorite Exercise: Calf raises (you can tell I don’t like them, if my tiny calves are any clue).

What do I love about H4? The other coaches have said it best: the sense of community. I’ve been to other gyms – and while I’ve learned much and met great people – H4 has something special, and you can see it as soon as you walk in.