We all know that squats, lunges and deadlifts will hit the glutes and help you shape and strengthen them but the following exercises are some that you might not know about. Start mixing in the following exercises into your full body workouts doing anywhere from 8-15 reps. Working your glutes will help with back pain, improve your athletic performance and of course make you look better in those jeans!


1. Glute Thruster- Might be the best move and we can thank Bret Contreras for this one. Not only does this exercise activate the most muscle fibers in the glutes but also is a great metabolic lower body move. Make sure you can do the floor version first before progressing to the bench and then once you are strong enough progress yourself to the barbell,, band or dumbbell across the hips. Another way to take up the intensity is to try holding at the top of the movement for 2,3 or 4 seconds. You should not feel this in your back at all.


2. High step-up- By using an extra high box you engage the glutes even more. Make sure you really emphasize pushing into the heel of the front leg and snap that hip at the end much like a deadlift and really squeeze the glute.


3.  Walking lunge with forward lean and band walk- This is a two for one. The first move is the lunge in which the forward lean helps target the glutes compared to a regular lunge. The second move, the band walk, hit the the glute medius or the outside of the hips.


4. Deficit reverse lunge- By stepping down from an elevated box you get that extra depth and range of motion allowing for better glute activation.