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Dec044 Strategies For Better Results



1.  Find your WHY- it is good to have goals like drop 20lbs, gain muscle, do 10 pull-ups etc but you must find your WHY for wanting to accomplish these goals if you really want to reach them. You must know the driving force behind wanting to reach these specific goals. Maybe your WHY is that big vacation to Mexico, maybe it is your wedding in the summer, or maybe you are trying to fit into that bikini or special outfit. Ask yourself, what is my WHY?


2. Identify what is limiting your potential- Take a moment and start to look over your eating habits, sleep, stress and workouts and look to see what is having the biggest negative impact on you reaching your goals. The key is to pinpoint one thing at a time and take massive action to change it before moving on to another issue. For instance if you skip breakfast everyday then first focus on making sure you eat breakfast before worrying about anything else. More people will be successful by following this strategy.


3. Ignore everything and stick to the plan! Simply believe in the routine you are following and put all of your efforts into getting results! If you consistently follow a quality workout and eating plan the results will follow but you must believe in the system. Ignore the scale, ignore negative people and ignore those voices in your head to give up. Keep your eye on the prize and remember your WHY.


4. Keep strength workouts under 50 minutes- Odds are you are like most people and have very little free time so make sure you are maximizing your time in the gym. If you are doing your full body workouts and focusing on compound movements like squats, deadlifts, lunges, glute thrusters, pull-ups, chins and presses you shouldn’t need anymore time. The key is intensity because if you are working at the right intensity and keeping yourself moving throughout the whole workout you shouldn’t have the energy to last longer than 50 minutes. It isnt about the time but what you do with the time. Get in the gym and stay focused and get out!