Do the opposite! | H4 Training

Dec27Do the opposite!

Are you in need of a new “shock ” to the body? Do you feel bored and like you are not getting results anymore? My answer to you is to do the opposite! Whatever you have been doing get rid of it and start doing the opposite! You should notice that you get quick results since it is totally new and different for your body. Below are some examples-


1) If you currently use high reps- start doing all low reps ( 3-6 ) and heavy weight

2) If you lift heavy- try doing lighter weights with higher reps ( 15-20 )

3) Use multiple exercises done in a compound set or even tri-set format. Example for the back- pullups followed by TRX rows followed by one arm dumbbell rows.

4) Focus your attention to just 1-4 exercises in your workout. Use a high amount of sets ( 5-10 ) and low reps ( 2-5 ) and focus on quality form and rest. If you did this you would use main lifts like deadlifts, squats, rows, presses and variations.

5) If you always lift fast- try and lift with a slow count on your reps or add pauses.

6) If you start your workouts with the hardest exercise for you- then start doing it at the end ( or vice versa )

7) If you always do core at the end- try to do it at the beginning