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Feb183 Reasons You Aren’t Seeing Results at the gym

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1.  You don’t have an actual plan of attack

Must people simply show up to the gym and do whatever comes to mind. Generally this means doing things they like, are good at and what they know. This is a recipe for minimal gains and frustration over time. You don’t need to do flashy exercises or crazy workouts but instead focus on simple movements like deadlifts, lunges, rows and presses and do them with intensity. It doesn’t matter what your goals are make sure you follow a plan consistently and then track your results.


2. You don’t work that hard

There are some people in the gym who do work hard but most are just watching tv, chatting with one another or reading the newest gossip magazine. You might have been at the gym for 60 minutes but did you actually work for 60 minutes? Most people always feel that they are working harder than they actually are. If you want to make changes you must have intensity in anything you do at the gym.


3. You never make changes

We all have seen that guy/woman at the gym who has been doing the same routine for years. And to no surprise they still look the same, haven’t gotten stronger or lost any weight. This doesn’t mean you need to change your routine every workout but your current routine shouldn’t be the same every day and every month and year. We tend to get comfortable with things we know and are good at and that’s when our bodies stop changing. If you hate an exercise odds are you need to be doing it so add it into your routine.