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Feb12Why do Nexus ( small group ) Training?



Nexus- a connected series or group

At H4 Training we use a small group training method known as Nexus Training. What this means is that we provide individualized coaching in a group environment. With a max of eight clients, each with their own individualized modifications, on the floor at the same time with  two coaches working as a team to train the entire group. We like to keep a 4-1 ratio of clients to coach. This method has proven to be far superior to old school one-on-one training.

That sense of community really sets this type of training apart from others.

There is strength in numbers –

Research has shown that social support motivates client not only during their workout, but also creates accountability amongst one another. Your fellow Nexus group members are a big reason to keeping you consistent with your training schedule.

Keeping things fresh –

Nothing is worse than boredom with your workout routine. Having a fresh social environment each time you come in to do your workout helps you from getting bored. For some people it can be competition with other clients, for others, it’s a greater sense of belonging.

Having one to two educated and certified coaches on the floor makes a huge difference in whether you push yourself or slack in your workout.

Better results – 

All things put together, research proves that working out in a small group environment gets you the results you want far more efficiently than doing it on your own. It is a fact that we tend to push ourselves harder in the presence of a group.