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Mar27Comparing and contrasting different training options

At H4 Training we specialize in individualized personal training done in a small group setting. We know that this training option might not best suit everyone. With that said, when it comes to your fitness there are an overwhelming amount of choices out there. Frankly, it can be kind of intimidating when it comes to understanding what is the best option for you. You have the big box chains like Lifetime, LA Fitness and Gold’s to name a few. Then you have the different small box options like CrossFit and boutique gyms. There are also franchises like Orange Theory, Pilates, yoga, Barre classes and many more! When you break it down, all of these have different offerings which include small group sessions, boot camps, large group training or 1-1 training. What are the differences between all of these options, and what would be best for you? First, you need to decide what your goals are, and what type of environment will help you achieve those goals. For example, if fat loss is your main goal, then putting your focus on joining a yoga studio would not make the most sense.

Below are the pro’s/con’s of each type of training option to help you pick what works best for you:

A) 1-1 TRAINING – can be found at both big box gyms and smaller, boutique style gyms. This is recommended for the person who has numerous injuries and/or very specific and unique goals.


  • Purely individualized to suit you, the client, and your needs.
  • You get 100% of the Trainer/Coach’s attention.
  • You don’t have to share your time/space/workout will anyone else.


  • Generally the most expensive option. This is fine if it works for your budget.
  • It doesn’t have that same community feel as a group environment would.
  • It can also lack the fun/energy of a group environment.

B) LARGE GROUP TRAINING/BOOT CAMP TYPES – can be found at both big box gyms and smaller boutique style gyms. Orange Theory Fitness is an example. This generally refers to a workout with 10 or more people.


  • There is a fun and high energy environment due to the amount of people in a class.
  • It has affordable pricing.
  • You can blend in with the crowd if you don’t want or like to be the center of attention, making it different from a 1-1 training session.


  • These settings lack individualization to meet the client’s needs within the workout.
  • There is a lack of personal attention from the trainer/instructor due to the large class size.
  • In these settings, it can be easier to get injured because of the lack of adjustments and/or corrections.
  • It can also be too crowded and have limited workout space.

C) SMALL GROUP PERSONAL TRAINING – generally found at boutique gyms. This refers to a workout with less than 8 people. 


  • Get the best of both worlds as you get the individualization that is similar to a 1-1 training session, due to the smaller group size. You will also get high energy energy, like a large group, since it is a group environment.
  • The client will be provide more corrections from the trainer/coach, as client to coach ratio is better.
  • This also leaves you with a fun group setting.


  • Small group is not the most expensive, but still tends to be more expensive than large group/boot camp facilities.
  • It is not 100% individualized like 1-1.


D) STANDARD GYM MEMBERSHIP – Best for the person who likes to do their own workout and has success with that approach. This is a place to find your typical big box memberships.


  • This tends to be the best for families who need options such as day care, pools and basketball courts.
  • It is usually most budget friendly.
  • It sometimes includes access to free class offerings such as turbo kick boxing, yoga, step etc.


  • There is no accountability as to whether you show up or not.
  • A workout plan from a coach would not be provided.
  • These have lower membership cost tends that often lead to a decreased usage with time and decreased results.
The choice is yours… What type of gym works best for you and your goals?