10 Things you can do today to improve results | H4 Training

Apr2410 Things you can do today to improve results

  1. Take a day off-rest equals results!
  2. Add a green vegetable to your daily eating-full of nutrients and will keep you full!
  3. Look over your current goal and re-access them-always good to stay focused with your goals.
  4. Do an exercise you normally would not do-it could be something you dislike or is difficult but challenge yourself and get out your comfort zone.
  5. Drink a green tea-boosts metabolism
  6. Drop excuses
  7. Add in extra ab work-because we all need it
  8. Clean out your cabinet/fridge of any junk-its amazing how quickly bad foods sneak in.
  9. Learn a new recipe-learning to cook will help you greatly when compared to eating takeout.
  10. Get a massage-your body will thank you.