8 Ways to tell your personal trainer is a waste of time and money | H4 Training

May248 Ways to tell your personal trainer is a waste of time and money

1.They are more concerned with themselves than their clients

A good trainer will talk about what you want to achieve and will tailor a workout around that. A bad trainer will do exercises that they enjoy and design workouts that are fun to them and not their clients. Are they more concerned how they look in the mirror during your session or how you are doing with form.

2. They don’t talk the talk and walk the walk.

Do they need to look like a fitness cover model? No. But they should look like they take their own advice and workout and eat properly.

3. They are more entertainment to you than a trainer.

Yes a good trainer should make the workout fun and have a great relationship with you but not at the cost of the end result. You generally hire a coach to reach a goal not to be entertained. Look out for those “entertrainers” who exist at every gym.

4. They don’t keep record of anything.

Good trainers keep record of your workouts, assessments and measurements.

5. They come up with workouts on the fly.

If your trainer comes to the gym and wings it then you are in trouble. A good trainer comes to each workout with a plan written ahead of time.

6. Their relationship with you ends when you walk out the door.

Very few personal trainers think about their clients other than the hour that they’re with them in the gym. A great trainer will be invested in your progress and will connect with you with email, text and phone calls. This means sharing articles with you that have to do with your interest or sending a motivational text when you are not feeling it.

7. They spend more time on their phone than your form.

A professional should be solely focused on you and your workout and not on who is texting them in session.

8. The don’t motivate you, keep you safe and educate you.

Your trainer should make you better. Your trainer should keep you from getting injured by teaching you proper form. Finally, your trainer should educate you on nutrition and other aspects of fitness.