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May15Is Keto good?

At H4, we are all about promoting an eating plan that clients can sustain for life. With that, we are always getting questions in regards to new diets and fads. The Keto Diet is one of the most popular diets currently trending. The Keto Diet is an approach to mimic the effect of fasting by minimizing insulin response. By cutting carbs out of the equation, your body will have to produce ketone bodies which can be used as fuel by the muscles and brain. Once the brain starts to use it as fuel, the body goes into ketosis.


Percentages can vary, but generally the diet is centered around a range of 25-30 % protein and 65-70% fat.

Common mistakes when doing the Keto diet:

  1. People will go on The Keto Diet and think they can have tons of bacon, butter, cream and foods really high in fat non-stop. This type of eating does align well with the Keto diet. However, eating that much content of high-fat foods too often is not always the healthiest option.
  2. People will eat too much protein on The Keto Diet. There are some athletes who will consume a higher than recommended ratio of protein. That protein can be turned into glucose by the liver. If there is too much protein being ingested, the body will use that for fuel and Keto adaptation will be made more difficult.
  3. People sometimes “Keto Cycle” during the week by eating the “Keto Way” all week, then one day go and binge. This is not a true “Keto Way” to do things.

Benefits of the Keto diet

  1. Decrease anxiety and increase mood.
  2. Decrease cravings.
  3. Studies show it works to help lose body fat.


  1. If the goal is hypertrophy or muscular growth The Keto Diet can add difficulty since it will decrease IGF-1. This is a very anabolic hormone which helps with muscle gain.
  2. It is not sustainable for life just like most diets.
  3. There is no added benefit from certain foods, like fruits since they are not a part of the diet.


Is The Keto Diet right for everyone? At H4 we like to promote lifestyle changes that allow our clients to practice their whole life that are not just diets. The Keto Diet is something someone can experiment with if they choose, or just use some of the principles like eating plenty of protein and quality fats in their own plan.