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Jun12Think About “Fit”


Think About “Fit”

By: Geneva Manager/Coach Kelsey

Fit is an outfit that looks different on everybody. Every. Single. Body. No two people look exactly alike, so why do we set our goals to look exactly like another person? Everyone has different goals and different driving forces. Some people can drop weight very quickly and for others it takes some time. The point is to not get discouraged and to find your own path toward fitness.

My Fit Story

I was always an athlete growing up. I never had any experience lifting weights until I started college. I thought I was taking great care of my body, while I was away in school but for some reason the scale kept climbing. I had no idea what was going on. I was a college athlete, ate healthy, and did so much cardio and weightlifting. When I first started college, I weighed 130 pounds. By the time I retired from my athletic career, I weighed 155 pounds! In high school I could wrap my fingers around my biceps and they would touch each other… That’s how small my arms were. Sure, I gained a lot of muscle mass in college but I also gained a lot of fat because what I thought was a “healthy” diet wasn’t all that great in the end.

My senior year of college I started up with H4 Training, really nailed down my diet and completely switched up my workout routine. I realized I wasn’t a person that could just stay active and eat whatever they wanted anymore. My body was changing, so I needed my lifestyle to reflect that. I can now say that I am at a healthy 140 pounds and am the strongest, the leanest and feel the best that I ever have in my entire life. Sure, there’s still a way to go until I hit my goals and I will continue to train my body to reach those.

The Point

What I’m trying to get across is that my version of being “Fit” might look different than someone else’s. I have family members that weigh less than I do, but I have a lower body fat percentage than they do. The number on the scale DOES NOT MATTER. I know that can be difficult to hear, but it’s the truth. Fit is all about how we feel on the inside.

In the fitness industry, we see a lot of professional athletes and the general population often wants to look like them and be like them. However, a lot of people don’t realize that those athletes train to look that way! Those are people that are in the gym at all hours of the day because they are paid to do so. Sometimes their muscles aren’t even real and could be photoshopped and airbrushed on! Men always want the six pack abs with massive arms, while women want to be thin and toned without looking bulky. Once again, women who lift and look bulky train to look that way! Men who lift and look super jacked train to look that way!

Your Fit Story

It’s entirely up to you how hard you want to train or how dedicated you want to be to your own health and nutrition. There are people that can help guide you along the way, but the big takeaway is that your Fit Story is entirely up to YOU! Your story is made by YOU for YOU!