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Jun09Tips/Strategies From H4 Coaches-Jordan & Taylor

Jordan’s Tips/Strategies

  • Overtraining/Lack of balance
    • So this specifically applies to those of you who workout outside of H4 (home workouts, personal workouts, etc.). It is very easy to over-train certain body parts or develop an imbalance due to the fact that we all use exercises/movements that we enjoy. For instance, person A loves doing bench press so that person includes it in each workout – that can lead to muscle imbalances that can result in joint pain.
    • So, have a plan. Any H4 coach will be more than happy to help guide you to a safe workout regimen that is a good balance to your full-body H4 workouts.
  • Food log
    • Personally, I log everything I eat through an app called MyFitnesspal. I understand this is not the best approach for everyone, but it does have some benefits. If you find yourself in a plateau when it comes to progress, and you feel your workouts and nutrition have been on point, having a food log of the past few days can be a good “eye-opener” to see what nutrients you can add or changes you can make to have a well-balanced diet with a good variety.
  • Meal Prepping
    • I prepare everything all in one day (marinate, portions, etc.). However, we cook the day of (or the night before) so everything tastes fresh.
  • Warm-up
    • I know we stress this a lot, and it might not be the fun part of working out, but it IS SUPER IMPORTANT! I never workout without any dynamic stretching and warm-up sets. Keep yourself injury free, and warm-up.


Taylor’s Tips/Strategies

  • Don’t skip your meal after a workout. Eating within thirty minutes of your workout will help refuel your body and promote muscle recovery.
  • Do something extra every day to help burn more calories. Take the stairs. Park in the back of the parking lot. Take a walk on your lunch break.
  • Hydrate! Proper hydration delivers more energy, improved alertness, reduced fatigue and weight loss. Drinking ice water burns extra calories
  • Activate your muscles before exercise, stretch them after. The best time to stretch is when your muscles are warm after a workout. Lactic acid builds up in your muscles which leads to muscle soreness. Stretching after a workout reduces muscle fatigue. Static Stretching before an exercise can weaken performance.
  • Learn how to read nutrition labels. Keep sugars under 10 grams per serving. Sugar increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Too much sugar is harmful to the body and promotes inflammation and disease.