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Jul26Tips/Strategies From H4 Coaches- Amber & Tom

Amber’s Tips/Strategies

  • To keep myself on track with my diet I like to do a big shopping trip once a week. I do my meal prep twice a week. My main prep happens on weekends because they yes to be less busy. I do this so that things are fresh and I always have food ready when I’m hungry.
  • To limit muscle soreness and speed recovery I try to take at least 2 days and stretch. This stretching is outside of my normal stretches I do when I warm up and cool down for a workout. On these days I I also try to up my water intake to flush out any toxins my body releases.
  • Your mental image of yourself is far more important than numbers on a scale. It’s really easy to get caught up with numbers on a scale and not celebrate your less noticeable victories. That being said I try to focus more on seeing a difference and feeling good about myself when I look in the mirror instead of judging myself by the numbers on the scale.
  • Always stay consistent. Even when you are feeling less than your best with your training, your diet, or even life in general, ALWAYS STAY CONSISTENT!


Tom’s Tips/Strategies

  • Mobility work must come before stability work.  We must first create the opportunity to move through a pattern before we add strength to it. Move well, then move often.
  • Pain is not THE problem, but the signal of A problem. Training through pain produces unreliable and unpredictable movement, as the body fires a random sequence of muscles just to survive our demand to move through the affected movement pattern. “Pain is not a signal we should train through.”-Gray Cook
  • “A functional exercise is defined by what it does, not by what it looks like.” -Gray Cook
  • When recovering from pain or an injury, we must distinguish being fixed from being asymptomatic.  “Taking time off” without correcting the original dysfunction sets us up for a reemergence of symptoms later, though it may present in a different pattern or structure.