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Mar04What to do when you hit a plateau with fat loss

Do you feel you are currently hitting a plateau or you haven’t seen results?

Have you given yourself a solid 90 days with a given program?

If after 90 days you have not see any results with how you are working out, eating and recovering then you need to look at a few things. Before you jump ship take a minute and audit the following:

1) How is your nutrition? Most tend to overestimate how good they eat. You need to be at 90/10 or at worst 80/20 to get fat loss results. This means eating clean 90% of the time during the week and you can cheat 10% of the time. Do yourself a favor and rack your eating for the next week and check your numbers. Does it add up? Many times for women, a big issue is not eating ENOUGH calories

2) How are your workouts? The key is not only are you being consistent with them but are you challenging yourself. Are you still using the same 10 pound dumbbell for the last 1 year now? You need to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

3) Are you getting enough sleep and rest?  This is one that most people skip out on.  They are working out, eating properly, but slack on their sleep. Missing out on sleep leads to increased levels of stress, less time for our bodies to rebuild muscle, to recover from strenuous activity, and more. Besides sleep, make sure you are getting messages and stretch.