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Mar26Self improvement: 7 Ways To Get Better While Stuck At Home


One thing that drives people crazy is boredom; I know it sure drives me a bit stir-crazy, especially during this pandemic. But there is one silver lining: the amount of free time that many of us now have that we can use to improve ourselves. Below are 7 things you can improve upon or do while stuck at home.


1. Stick to a schedule

For number one, I want to talk about the importance of keeping a schedule. it’s easy to snooze the alarm if we don’t have to go in to work; but I implore you to keep to a schedule. Many of the clients at H4 do work from home, so I’m sure they know from experience that having a schedule prevents one from getting disorganized and feeling overwhelmed. But if you do find yourself with much more free time, sticking to a strict schedule can help keep your daily tasks in order. So when deciding what tasks to work on, put them in order of importance; get the harder/more important things done first, and the more leisure activities later.


2. Work on skills

One of the best things about having more free time is using it to work on skills that you wish to be better at. Have you been wanting to brush up on your guitar skills? Or learn how to draw? Write? Whatever you wish to work on, now is the time to do it; you may even end up loving it and turning it into something wonderful and long-term.


3. Master bodyweight movements

Okay, mastering stuff like pistol squats or one arm pull-ups might take years, but if you’re going to be stuck at home with minimal equipment, you still have to get your workout in; what better way to workout minimally than with bodyweight movements? There are plenty of challenging variations that you could do, and you can take this time to really focus on form and technique. And who knows, maybe that one arm pull-up is right around the corner! Follow along on the H4 YouTube channel or H4 Facebook group for bodyweight and home workout ideas.


4. Work on recovery

Something that most of us slack on is recovery, namely sleep and nutrition. Now (hopefully) you’re sleeping a little bit more, and you have more time to plan your meals. Take this time to really double down on eating right and getting restful sleep. Also, taking 10 minutes out of the day to stretch and focus on mobility will go a long way; doing the all of these things will help keep your body happy and allow you to perform optimally.


5. De-stress a.k.a. “mind-dump”

Many of us might feel more stressed now, especially because we’re cooped up inside all day. Practicing de-stressing activites can really help ease tension. Besides exercise, there are plenty of ways to “deload” the mind: writing in a journal is one of my favorite ways, but you can also meditate, read, or go for a walk outside (and also get the added benefit of Vitamin D, which can improve mood). Find an activity that works for you.


6. Work on projects

Now is a great time to get to work on that new coat of paint for your room, work on the yard, clean out the attic, or even start that blog about your love of Chihuahuas. There is plenty of stuff that we need or want to work on, but we push aside because we make the excuse that we’re too busy; well now is the perfect time!


7. Stay social and positive

While we are all being good neighbors and practicing social distancing (hopefully), we still need to stay social; we are social beings after all. While too much social media can be distracting, It can be a boon when using it correctly. Staying connected to loved ones, friends, and groups of people that support each other and foster a community is one of the most important things you can do right now. Also use this time to spend time with the people in your household, play group games, and maybe even do things from this list together! Remember, we are all in this together, and that’s how we’ll get through it.