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Nov02Simple Exercises To Bulletproof Your Shoulders

The shoulders are notorious for getting injured. They are a highly mobile joint, but this also means they are susceptible to injuries. It doesn’t help that many of the activities that we do – physical and otherwise – can exacerbate these issues.

What then can we we do for the shoulders? Well, there are plenty of great exercises than can keep them strong and resistant to injuries. In this post we’ll go over 5 simple exercises that you can perform to bulletproof the shoulders against injury and pain. For a quick rundown, check out the video below. Read along further below for explanations of each exercise.

Band T’s & Y’s Combo

To do this exercise all you need is a band and something to anchor is to. It’s great because of two reasons:

  1. It’s easy to set up and perform.
  2.  The band offers a unique end-range tension which gives it quite a burn.

Start with a rear fly or a “T”, and then while holding it at the end range, raise the arms into a “Y” shape. Return to the T and finish the exercise, and repeat for reps desired – usually in the 8-10 range.


These can be done with a cable as well, but for ease of use you can also use a band. This is a great pulling exercise as well as a movement to strengthen the small rear shoulder muscles. Simply attach the band to an anchor point, stand (or half kneel) several feet away from the anchor point, and pull the band with the elbows high and hands to the ears.

Isometric Towel External Rotation

This one is harder than it looks. Start with a towel – or an tough band – held with the elbows at the sides and arms at right angles. Pull with both arms going outward (think: trying to stretch the towel). Using a band you can actually get a bit more range, stretching the band outward.

Lying Snow Angels

This move is very similar to the T&Y combo, except you are laying flat on your stomach with no weight. With your arms at your sides, raise them into a T motion, then extend them into a Y. Without touching the floor, repeat the exercise without touching the floor the entire time.

Lying W to Y Press

Another move that is in the face down position, you also don’t need much weight, if any for this move. Keeping the arms in the air the entire time, start with the arms in a “W” position – like a face pull – and then extend the arms into a Y without touching the floor. Repeat for reps desired.

Hopefully this has helped give you some guidance on how to bulletproof the shoulders and keep them safeguarded against injuries. Try these exercises out and see how they make a difference!