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Dec16Simple Tips For Eating Out

One of the most challenging things when it comes to diet is knowing how to navigate the restaurant landscape when you’re trying to achieve a weight loss or fitness goal. Many times our diets are going good, until that weekend splurge at the steakhouse. Having the right tools – like the ones below – will help you succeed in the long run and allow you to still enjoy yourself when going out.

First Check Out The Menu Online

This one is probably the easiest and most important one on the list. Taking a look at the menu before even getting to the restaurant and deciding on a meal allows you to choose a healthy choice without the influence of a hungry stomach.

On that note, make sure you do this when you’re not starving! We often are hungry when choosing a meal at a restaurant, so taking the time beforehand to look at the menu online will help us avoid rash decisions. There are plenty of good and delicious options to choose from without picking something that would derail our hard work throughout the week.

Choosing baked salmon with mashed potatoes and a side of steamed and seasoned broccoli is delicious and lower in calories than a big bowl of alfredo pasta.

Another benefit of looking at the menu online is that many restaurants have the nutritional info of their meals on their website. This might not be the case for the establishment of your choice, but it’s always good to check online first.

Make Sure to Have Protein and Veggies – and Eat Them First Too

Something to do when ordering your meal is to make sure you have a good protein source and some veggies to go along with it. Lean protein sources are preferable; lean steak, chicken, or fish is a better option than ribs or lamb chops.

Protein is also more satiating than other foods, meaning it fills you up more. Veggies also have fiber which also produces feelings of fullness, so combining both of those first will help you stay away from overloading on carbs and desserts.

For Any Foods With Sauces or Dressings, Order Them on The Side

Another big calorie waster is sauces. Whether it’s dressing for salads or creamy sauces for pasta or other dishes, they often contain a ton of calories (that’s why they are so tasty).

Restaurants often overload your meal with saucy goodness, so asking for them to put it on the side can save you calories and save your tastebuds. Plus, the taste is often pretty strong, so you don’t need a ton of sauce to have the taste of it. Same with salads, a little dressing goes a long way.

Drink More Water During Your Meal

Another easy tip is to drink more water during your meal. It will help fill you up, plus as most meals out are filled with salt, more water intake will help flush some of the sodium out.

Try to avoid sugary or alcoholic drinks, as they have calories that can sneak up on you especially if you get a second or third round.

If You Need Dessert, Split it With Someone or Take it To Go

If you’re truly craving dessert, the best option would be to split it with the other person(s). This will save you half the calories or more, plus you still get the taste. Most of the time it’s just the taste that you’re craving anyway, not the whole thing.

If you’re alone, or the person you’re with doesn’t want dessert but you really REALLY want it, take it to go. Perhaps by the time you get home the feeling of wanting it will leave you, or maybe you eat half and save the rest for later.

Another option is to wait 5-10 minutes before even deciding on ordering dessert. Remember to wait before making a decision, as sometimes decisions are based on emotions.