1. Glute thrusters

One of our favorite exercises to train the posterior chain at H4. Glute thrusters work the glutes which are big and important muscles  that are key for both the average adult and your elite athlete. Glute thrusters also put minimal stress on the body compared with other lifts for the lower body. The glutes are a large muscle group which equals more calories burned when trained in a workout.

2. Pull-ups

It doesnt matter what grip or variation of pull-ups and chin-ups you use they are a great exercise to work the mid back, lats and elbow flexors. You dont need anything other than something to hang from to perform them which allows you to do them almost anywhere! Improve the pull-ups/chin-ups and watch exercises like deadlifts and bench press improve as well.


3. Deadlifts

You can use the kettlebell, trap bar and barbell to do variations of the deadlift. Yes, there is a large learning curve to get proper form down but the benefits are very high. Deadlifts stimulate the hamstrings, glutes, core, lats, traps and many more muscles which equals more calories burned and more muscles hit in less time.


4. Sled push/drags

For athletes it helps bridge the gap between the weight room and the field in terms of sprint technique. Sled drags and pulls are a great way to develop both strength and cardiovascular capacity in one move. They are safe, require little skill and make you work hard…very hard. If you don’t have a sled you can use a plate on a gym floor.