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Mar186 Reasons You Are Not Gaining Muscle


    1. You are not eating enough-In order to gain muscle you must eat and eat often! I would try and eat 18-20 times your body weight in calories at least. Remember that foods are not created equally so make sure you are taking in quality and not just quantity. A good idea is to take 1 day during the week and eat 50% more than you would normally.


    1. Your intensity lacks-If you are going to weight train you better do it hard! Don’t come in the gym and read the morning paper while you lift and expect to get gains. Start and end your workout with a high intensity!!


    1. Your not eating enough protein-Try and eat anywhere from 1 gram to 1.5 grams of protein per body weight. Protein is the building block for the muscles to grow.


    1. You don’t drink enough water-Remember you must keep muscle tissue hydrated. Muscles are made up of 60-70% water so drink up!


    1. You lack consistency-This is big, you must be consistent with your workouts and stay the course with your workouts.


  1. Cardio dominates your workouts-If you are always doing cardio its going to be tough to build muscle. I would only do cardio 1x a week at most if you truly want to build serious muscle. You need the calories to go towards building and not towards your cardio workout.