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Apr10H4’s Most Asked Questions

H4’s Most Asked Questions


  1. What is metabolic strength training? Metabolic strength training is one of the best, most intense strategies for building muscle, torching fat, and improving overall physical fitness… at the same time. Think of metabolic strength training as lifting weights with limited rest in a circuit based format.
  2. Will lifting weights make me bulky? This is one of the biggest myths out there and for some reason will not go to rest. Muscle is not bulky, in fact muscle in more compact than fat. Plus if your a woman the odds of you being able to gain muscle at such an alarming rate is slim to none. Muscle is active tissue which means you burn more calories at rest which is a good thing!
  3. Should I eat before a workout? You should eat something even if it is something small like a Lara or RXbar. If you are eating within an hour of working out you might want to opt for a liquid option like the shake recipe below:
    • 1 scoop chocolate or vanilla protein powder
    • 1 fist spinach
    • 1 banana
    • 1 thumb peanut butter or almond butter
    • 8 oz. unsweetened almond milk
  4. How many days of rest should I take? Always listen to your body when it comes to recovery. Some weeks you might need more or less depending on what you did that week. Generally you should take at least one day off. For most Sunday is a perfect day for this.
  5. What if I am not sore after a workout? Being sore does not equate to a good or bad workout. Sometimes you get a great workout in and have minimal to no soreness and other times you get a bad workout in and are sore. Soreness often is a result of doing a new movement or increased weight in that particular exercise. Don’t concern yourself with making sure you are always sore.
  6. How do I know when to increase my weight on a particular exercise? If you have a trainer then communicate to them that you need heavier weights. If you are training on your own then a good rule of thumb is that your final 2 reps or so on each set should be really tough to finish. If they are not then it might be time to bump it up!