How Do I Start Working Out? | H4 Training

Feb04How Do I Start Working Out?

What does the average person do to figure out how to get started? Likely search the web, read a magazine, take whatever their friend is doing, or they might even just make one up themselves. What happens is these end up being too hard, too complicated, too boring or just not right for the person. A few weeks go by and you don’t see the changes you were hoping for. This leads to frustration which leads you to stop and now you are back to not doing anything.

Below are the keys to keep in mind when getting started:

Take small steps: You do not need to go from doing 0 workouts a week to doing 7. Starting might mean doing 10 minutes of exercise for 2 days a week. The key is to keep it small so it does not become too hard.

Switch up your environment: To be successful you will need to put yourself in a successful environment.

  • Turn an empty room into an exercise room
  • Keep healthy snacks vs unhealthy ones out on the counter
  • Eat at your desk and use lunch breaks for exercise.
  • Get your spouse or significant other on board
  • Post your goals all over your house and office to remind you of your goals.

Do what you like: If you pick an activity you like then its very likely you will stick with it. Hate running? Don’t run. Love swimming? Then swim.

Don’t over think the start just do it. You don’t need to have the perfect plan . It just needs to be something you feel confident you can do and stick with.