4 Reasons Boutique Gyms Are Better | H4 Training

Mar184 Reasons Boutique Gyms Are Better

1. Individualized workouts

Big box gyms tend to offer more generalized workouts as oppose to more custom and individualized ones that a smaller gym does.

2. Less intimidating of an environment

Big gyms often feel like you are entering a large resort. Sure, a large beautiful space looks nice but with 2 pools, basketball courts, weight rooms, cardio areas and rooms galore can make it hard to know what to do and use. For many people walking into the weight room when there is 100 people working out can give you major anxiety.

3. Community and Accountability

Small gyms are attractive because they offer a real sense of community. Clients build real relationships not only with the trainers but also with the other clients they see. Because it is a smaller setting not only in space but in members you can really get to build those real relationships. With small gyms you also get way more accountability. At a large gym you are simply a number not even a name. At a small gym you will have someone calling you, texting and emailing you wondering whether or not you’re going to be at your workout that day.

4. Real results

Have you ever joined a big gym and stopped going after a few months or weeks? Statistics show that 67% of Americans with gym memberships do not use them in the given year. The big gym actually hope you join and never show up else their gyms would be overcrowded. Think about that for a minute. The whole idea to join a gym is to get results, not to never go! Plus, with big gyms you will tend to have no plan in terms of your routine and often get bored which leads to you stopping because the results don’t come. Small gyms actually deliver on the premise of joining a gym will help you get into the best shape.